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We have media trained spokespeople ready to talk on issues relating to public services and the wider economy. For bookings and press enquiries please contact

See our latest press coverage below. 

Social Guarantee in the News

LBC News

Maeve talks to Ben Kentish on LBC about austerity 2.0 and why a healthy population is essential for a healthy economy

LBC News

As the Bank of England raised interest rates Maeve spoke to LBC about the impact on households

LBC News

LBC talk to Maeve about the energy crisis and what we should be doing to ensure everyone has access to sustainable energy

Talk TV

Maeve talks to Dr David Bull on Talk TV about the Cost of Living Crisis and what policies we could implement to improve the lives of ordinary people

Sky TV

Sky TV's Anna Jones talks to Maeve about why rail workers are striking and the importance of a well functioning rail service

LBC News

Maeve talks to LBC about the train strikes and why a well functioning rail system is essential for a healthy society and the economy.

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