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Our new series, the Social Guarantee Discussion Papers will explore different concepts within the Social Guarantee in detail. Our aim is to stimulate discussion and debate around the aims and principles of a system designed around meeting people's needs.

A Social Guarantee

Daniel Button and Anna Coote (2021), New Economics Foundation

As Britain’s economy and society gradually reopen and we begin to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, we face big questions about what should come next. What’s needed now is a new social guarantee that enshrines every person’s right to life’s essentials, providing us all with the security of knowing that the foundations of a sufficient quality of life are assured.

Revitalising Local Communities

Maeve Cohen (2021) Womens Budget Group

This paper proposes placing the meeting of needs at the centre of all economic, social and political activity in order to revitalise communities in a way that enables a low-carbon, gender equal future. It explores how the fundamental needs of nutrition, shelter, social participation, health, physical and income security, can be met in a way that is consistent with green and feminist aims.

UBS and sustainable consumption

Anna Coote (2021), Sustainability: Science, Practice and Policy

Discussions about sustainable consumption corridors tend to focus on private consumption. This Policy brief explores the contribution that public consumption may provide in maintaining lower and upper corridor boundaries.

UBS: Building our Social Infrastructure

Anna Coote (2020), Prime Economics

A short background paper laying out the case for Universal Basic Services and the way in which they should be implemented in the UK.

Ian Gough (2019), London School of Economics

This article provides a theoretical justification for extending the delivery of public services, as an alternative to the longer-standing argument for Universal Basic Income (UBI). 

1.5-Degree Lifestyles: Towards a Fair Consumption Space for All

Lewis Akenji, Magnus Bengtsson, Viivi Toivio, Michael Lettenmeier, Tina Fawcett, Yael Parag, Yamina Saheb, Anna Coote, Joachim H. Spangenberg, Stuart Capstick, Tim Gore, Luca Coscieme, Mathis Wackernagel, Dario Kenner. 2021.

In a world with a limited and fast-shrinking global carbon budget, coupled with vast inequalities, how do we allocate the remaining carbon allowance in a manner that is fair while drastically decreasing our footprints within a limited time frame to avoid irreversible ecological damage?

Universal Quality Public Services 

Anna Coote (2021), Public Services International

This report on Universal Quality Public Services - prepared in collaboration with the New Economics Foundation - helps unions build strong arguments for extended public services as the bedrock for the Covid-19 recovery. 

UBS and the Foundational Economy

Anna Coote (2020), Foundational Economy

This working paper published explores the synergies between Universal Basic Services and the Foundational Economy

Anna Coote, Pritika Kasliwal and Andrew Percy (2019), Institute for Global Prosperity 

‘Universal Basic Services’ (UBS) is an idea that
has captured the imaginations of people around
the world, and with this report, the Institute for
Global Prosperity (IGP) continues to lead the effort to promote a more socially orientated vision of the future. 

Andrew Percy, Jonathan Portes and Howard Reed (2017), Social Prosperity Network


The original UBS proposal advocats for an extension of public services to address, as a minimum, Shelter, Nutrition, Transport, and Information, alongside traditionally provided services such as Health and Education.