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Ian is Visiting Professor in CASE (Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion) and an Associate of the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, both at the London School of Economics. He is also Emeritus Professor at the University if Bath. His past books include The Political Economy of the Welfare State; A Theory of Human Need; Global Capital, Human Needs and Social Policies; Insecurity and Welfare Regimes in Asia, Africa and Latin America; and Wellbeing in Developing Countries. His latest book titled Heat, Greed and Human Need: Climate Change, Capitalism and Sustainable Wellbeing, was published in October 2017, preceded by a range of articles in academic journals including the Cambridge Journal of Economics and the Royal Society Philosophical Abstracts. He is now researching a set

of related issues, including universal basic services, maximum income, a consumption ceiling, and inessential versus essential work.

Ian Gough

The Social Guarantee is a new project.  How best to deliver Universal Basic Services is an ongoing conversation. We would very much welcome your thoughts and ideas. Please do get in touch with us on or sign up for our newsletter below.

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