The Social Guarantee enshrines every person’s right to life’s essentials: education, health and social care, a decent home, childcare, nutritious food, clean air and water, energy, transport and access to the internet. For this to happen, all people must have access to collectively provided services that meet their needs, as well as to a fair living income.

Our new series, the Social Guarantee Discussion Papers will explore different concepts within the Social Guarantee in detail. Our aim is to stimulate discussion and debate around the aims and principles of a system designed around meeting people's needs.

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The Case for Universal Basic Services

Anna Coote and Andrew Percy set out the case for Universal Basic Services, the bedrock of The Social Guarantee. They argue that this transformational new policy is exactly what we need to save our societies and our planet. The old argument that free markets and individual choice are the best way to solve pressing problems of poverty, inequality and environmental degradation has led us to catastrophe, and must be abandoned. The authors show that expanding the principle of collective universal service provision to everyday essentials like transport, childcare and housing is not only the best way of tackling many of the biggest problems facing the contemporary world: it’s also efficient, practical and affordable.

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The Social Guarantee is a new project.  How best to deliver Universal Basic Services is an ongoing conversation. We would very much welcome your thoughts and ideas. Please do get in touch with us on and join the conversation!

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