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Anna Coote

Anna Coote is Principal Fellow at the New Economics Foundation (NEF). A leading analyst, writer and advocate in the field of social policy, she has written widely on social justice, sustainable development, working time, public health policy, public involvement and democratic dialogue, gender and equality. Earlier posts include Director of Health Policy at the King’s Fund, Deputy Director of the Institute for Public Policy Research, Editor of current affairs television at Diverse Productions and Deputy Editor of the New Statesman.  She was Commissioner for Health with the UK Sustainable Development Commission from 2000 to 2009. Her recent publications (with sole or co-authorship) include The Case for a Four Day Week (Polity Press: 2020), The Case for Universal Basic Services (Polity Press: 2020); Universal Basic Income: A Union Perspective (PSI: 2019); Building a New Social Commons, (NEF: 2017); Local Early Action: how to make it happen (NEF: 2015); People, Planet Power: Towards a New Social Settlement (NEF: 2015;) and Time on our Side: why we all need a shorter working week (NEF: 2013).

Project Director

The Social Guarantee is a new project.  How best to deliver Universal Basic Services is an ongoing conversation. We would very much welcome your thoughts and ideas. Please do get in touch with us on or sign up for our newsletter below.

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